Privacy Policy

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This is the medium between us and the customers which makes sharing of services offered by the site easier. It leads the way on the basis of which the site amasses, brings in use, bears and spreads the data congregated from the customers of the website. Every product offered by us is covered under this website.

What information we collect

  • Non-personal identification information: Its main focus is on the machinery and browser which customers use to enter into the site. All such kind of information is collected from the website only.
  • Personal identification information: Here, the personal information about the customer is required. Details like customers’ name, email ID, phone number etc. are generally needed by this space. Such details are provided by the customers while logging in or registering on the website. This space also need the credit/debit card number of the customer while any product is being ordered by them.

Web Browser Cookies

To make the experience of the customers a wonderful one on the website, Web Browser Cookies are used. This space helps the developers understand the pattern in which visitors visit the website thus, helping in gathering the maximum information about the customers.

This is how we use your information

The data given to us by our customers while they visit the website, login or register with us and order the product is used by the website in following ways. Customers also provides us information if they take part in any promotional event.

  • To manage the various functions of the site in a better manner
  • In improvising the help and service provided to each of the customer
  • To provide swiftness in the payment procedure
  • To make the experience of all our customers a better and memorable one each time
  • To get a better idea of the need and requirements of all our customers and fulfil their aspirations

The periodic newsletter of the website to each our esteemed customer. Visitors not interested in receiving it can even chose to opt out of the service.

Protection to visitors’ information

The information provided by all our customers is stored under the security of a high-tech network which is accessible to only a few and trusted team members. The information provided by a customer is passed through a security system in all the cases. All the info provided by the users while paying for their order is transferred through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. When this is done, the information is encrypted in the database of the company.

We don’t share/sell/ rent information of our customers

While sharing their personal information with us, our customers can be 100% sure as we do not believe in selling or renting it in any case. The information is kept with us in a secured channel and is released only if required by the law. Otherwise, it is our duty to keep the data under surveillance and makes sure that it is not brought out in public.

Customers can opt out of the newsletter

All are users have the freedom to opt out of the newsletter service by tapping on the ‘stop receiving emails’ option provided below all the letters. Customers can even shoot an email on our ID. Remember that while doing this, users must mention their email ID in the matter and put ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line.

We do have link with other sources

Yes, we are linked to various other external sources but, there is not guarantee the effectiveness about any product, disclaimer and privacy policy. Therefore, it is advised to all our customers to thoroughly go through the external website before placing the order of any product as the website cannot be held responsible even if something goes erroneous.

Notification about change in privacy policy

If any change is made in our policy, each and every customer of ours is notified through an email. The website also runs a ticker carrying the information on the same. After receiving the notification, the decision of staying or opting out of our services is entirely of the customer.

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